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qiime2 emperor procrustes-plot (version 2023.5.0+q2galaxy.2023.5.0.2)
[required] The reference ordination matrix to be plotted.
[required] The "other" ordination matrix to be plotted (the one that was fitted to the reference).
metadata: Metadatas
metadata: Metadata 0
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QIIME 2: emperor procrustes-plot

Visualize and Interact with a procrustes plot


 <no description>


Plot two procrustes-fitted matrices



Using the qiime2 emperor procrustes-plot tool:
  1. Set "reference_pcoa" to #: bc-pcoa-result.qza
  2. Set "other_pcoa" to #: unw-pcoa-result.qza
  3. For "metadata":
    • Perform the following steps.
      1. Leave as Metadata from TSV
      2. Set "Metadata Source" to sample-metadata.tsv
  4. Press the Execute button.
Once completed, for the new entry in your history, use the Edit button to set the name as follows:

(Renaming is optional, but it will make any subsequent steps easier to complete.)

History Name "Name" to set (be sure to press Save)
#: qiime2 emperor procrustes-plot [...] : visualization.qzv plot.qzv