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MultiQC (version 1.11+galaxy1)
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It is printed as page header
It will be printed at the top of the report
To consume less disk space and resources to display. Used by default when there are 100 or more samples.
This will output a file for each plot containing the raw data used to generate the plot
This is mostly useful for debugging purposes

What it does

MultiQC aggregates results from bioinformatics analyses across many samples into a single report. It takes results of multiple analyses and creates a report that can be viewed as a single beautiful web-page. It's a general use tool, perfect for summarizing the output from numerous bioinformatics tools.


MultiQC takes software output summaries/logs and creates a single report from them. You need to tell the tool which software was used to generate the report. This is done using the Software name dropdown. At present only the Galaxy tools found in the ToolShed produce logs that can used with MultiQC

The first integration of this tool was made by @cmonjeau and @yvanlebras. It is now maintained by the Intergalactic Utilities Commission.