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MeasureTexture (version 3.1.9+galaxy0)
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This setting determines whether the module computes image-wide measurements, per-object measurements or both.
- Images: Select if you only want to measure the texture across entire images.
- Objects: Select if you want to measure the texture on a per-object basis only.
- Both: Select to make both image and object measurements.
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What it does

MeasureTexture measures the degree and nature of textures within images and objects to quantify their roughness and smoothness. This module measures intensity variations in grayscale images. An object or entire image without much texture has a smooth appearance; an object or image with a lot of texture will appear rough and show a wide variety of pixel intensities. Note that any input objects specified will have their texture measured against all input images specified, which may lead to image-object texture combinations that are unnecessary. If you do not want this behavior, use multiple MeasureTexture modules to specify the particular image-object measures that you want.


Existing CellProfiler pipeline file (.cppipe) or generated by linking CellProfiler tools.


The input CellProfiler pipeline file (.cppipe) in addition to the settings of this module.


The first tool in a CellProfiler workflow has to be Starting modules and the last one CellProfiler. You can also execute the entire pipeline with the final CellProfiler tool, in which you feed in the images you want to process as well.