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FASTQ Quality Trimmer (version 1.1.5)

What it does

This tool allows you to trim the ends of reads based upon the aggregate value of quality scores found within a sliding window; a sliding window of size 1 is equivalent to 'simple' trimming of the ends.

The user specifies the aggregating action (min, max, sum, mean) to perform on the quality score values found within the sliding window to be used with the user defined comparison operation and comparison value.

The user can provide a maximum count of bases that can be excluded from the aggregation within the window. When set, this tool will first check the aggregation of the entire window, then after removing 1 value, then after removing 2 values, up to the number declared. Setting this value to be equal to or greater than the window size will cause no trimming to occur.

Trimming a color space read will cause any adapter base to be lost.