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Monocle3 diffExp (version 0.1.4+galaxy1)

Monocle3 differential expression testing along trajectory (graph_test)

Identify differentially expressed genes along the inferred trajectory.

More information can be found at and

Version history 0.1.5+galaxy1: Updated to monocle3-cli 0.0.9 for plot cells to allow for multiple genes plotting.

0.1.5+galaxy0: Updated to monocle3-cli 0.0.8 to add top marker genes and fix container plots for plotCells (only those two modules upgraded).

0.1.4+galaxy0: Updated to monocle3-cli 0.0.7 to fix bug with column headers in tsv.

0.1.3+galaxy0: Updated to monocle3-cli 0.0.5 to fix bug with tsv inputs.

0.1.2+galaxy0: Initial version based on monocle3-cli 0.0.3 and monocle3 0.1.2