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Monocle3 create (version 0.1.4+galaxy2)

Create Monocle3 object from input expression/metadata (new_cell_data_set)

Create a Monocle3 cds3 object from input expression data and optional metadata. The expression matrix, with genes as rows and cells as columns, is the only mandatory input. The cell metadata (with row names matching the column names of the expression matrix) and gene annotation (with row names matching the row names of the expression matrix) are optional. These files can be provided as RDS objects, or CSV/TSV. Select the format of your input files in the corresponding drop-downs.

More information can be found at and

Version history 0.1.5+galaxy1: Updated to monocle3-cli 0.0.9 for plot cells to allow for multiple genes plotting.

0.1.5+galaxy0: Updated to monocle3-cli 0.0.8 to add top marker genes and fix container plots for plotCells (only those two modules upgraded).

0.1.4+galaxy0: Updated to monocle3-cli 0.0.7 to fix bug with column headers in tsv.

0.1.3+galaxy0: Updated to monocle3-cli 0.0.5 to fix bug with tsv inputs.

0.1.2+galaxy0: Initial version based on monocle3-cli 0.0.3 and monocle3 0.1.2