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Get Codon frequency (version 0.1.2)
Formatted like CoCoPUTs.
9606 is Homo sapiens (human)
genomic is default

Get Codon frequency from bicodons.

Input format should match that provided by CoCoPUTs (; e.g.

Input row of interest is selected by the combination of the provided taxid and organelle.

Translation table identifiers are based upon NCBI standards (

Example of CoCoPUTs style bicodon input, the majority of bicodons (codon pairs) have been removed in this example, for brevity:

Division Assembly Taxid Species Organelle Translation Table # CDS # Codon Pairs aaaaaa aaaaac aaaaag aaaaat ...
custom hg38 9606 Homo sapiens genomic 1 4 859 0 0 0 1 ...