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Format cd-hit outputs (version 1.0.0+galaxy1)
The mapping file is a tabular file with 2 columns. First column contains the sequence names and the second one the corresponding category (--input_mapping)
The alternative is the sum of size for sequences in each category (if the size information is available in sequence name, --number_sum)

What it does

This tool format cd-hit outputs (cluster information and cluster representative sequences) to rename representative sequences with cluster name and/or extract category distribution inside clusters given a mapping file.

The tool takes as input:

  • The cd-hit output file with cluster information
  • The cd-hit output file with representative sequences for each cluster (optional)
  • A mapping file in tabular format with first column being the sequence names (corresponding to the ones in cluster information file) and the second column being the corresponding categories (optional)

The tool generates different outputs given chosen parameters:

  • A file with representative sequences of each cluster named with the cluster name
  • A tabular file with lines corresponding to clusters, columns to categories (and one column with sequence number in the cluster), and cases to number of sequences of the given category in the cluster