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RGCCA (version 3.0.2+galaxy1)
TSV file containing a matrix with: (i) quantitative values only (decimal should be separated by '.'), (ii) the samples in lines (should be labelled in the 1rst column) and (iii) variables in columns (should have a header).
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Author: Etienne CAMENEN


R package:
The RGCCA package is available from the CRAN repository (v2.1.2;
This tool is based on a version available on github (v3.0;


A user-friendly multi-blocks analysis (Regularized Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis, RGCCA) as described in [1] and [2] with all default settings predefined. The software produces figures to explore the analysis' results: individuals and variables projected on two components of the multi-block analysis, list of top variables and explained variance in the model.

Working example

Use agriculture.tsv as a block. Add industry.tsv and politic.tsv for multiblock analysis. connection.tsv could be used as a design matrix and political_system.tsv as a response variable respectively in analysis and graphic settings.