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Calculate presence absence table (version 0.0.2)
Observation data file, with location, year, species and abundance.

Calculate presence absence table from abundance data

What it does

This tool from PAMPA toolsuite computes an abundance (max and standard deviation if SVR data) and presence absence table at finest aggregation possible from observation data

Input description

A tabular file with observation data. Must at least contain three columns 'observation.unit' which associate year and location or 'year' and 'location', 'species.code' with species ID and 'number' for abundance.

observation.unit species.code number
site_yearID speciesID 4
... ... ...


year location species.code number
2000 locationID speciesID 4
... ... ... ...

The data frame may also contain:

  • 'size.class' field with 'G' representing big individuals in given species, 'M'middle-sized individuals and 'P' small individuals
  • 'rotation' field for STAVIRO data


A tabular file with presence/absence at finest aggregation available (per observation unit per species OR per observation unit per species per size class)


Derived from PAMPA scripts ( written by Yves Reecht.