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Remove.lineage (version
please make sure your file has no quotation marks in it
If no taxons selected from file, Enter 1 or more taxons separated by dashes here, e.g. Bacteria;Firmicutes;-Bacteria;Actinobacteria;
The count file is similar to the name file in that it is used to represent the number of duplicate sequences for a given representative sequence. It can also contain group information

Mothur Overview

Mothur is a comprehensive suite of tools for microbial ecology community. It is initiated by Dr. Patrick Schloss and his software development team in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of Michigan. For more information, see Mothur-Wiki.

Command Documentation

The remove.lineage command reads a taxonomy file and a taxon and generates a new file that contains only the sequences in the that are not from that taxon. You may also include either a fasta, name, group, list, or file to this command and mothur will generate new files for each of those containing only the selected sequences.