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Build Deep learning Batch Training Models (version 0.5.0)
Integer. Sequence length or number of bases.
Whether to shuffle the data between epochs.
Integer, random seed for data shuffling
Compile Parameters
Compile Parameters 0
Fit Parameters
Fit Parameters 0
For binary classification only. If int, like 5, will convert to class_weight {0: 1, 1: 5}. If float, 0.2, corresponds to class_weight {0: 1/0.2, 1: 1}
Prediction steps. Optional. If None, it equals number of samples divided by `batch_size`.
Integer or blank for None. Warning: when random seed is set to an integer, training will be running in single thread mode, which may cause slowness.
Optional. Tunable parameters could be obtained through `estimator_attributes` tool.

What does this tool do?

This tool builds deep learning training models using API galaxy_ml.keras_galaxy_model.KerasGBatchClassifier, which takes parameters in FIVE categories.


A zipped model file that could be used in model_validation tool or hyperparameter search tool.