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Slice image into patches (version 0.3-4)
Minimum offset between any two patches in pixels.
Width of the patches in pixels (the height is identical).
If larger than 0, patches with a homogeneity above this threshold will be considered as purely background and discarded.
If larger than 0, only the specified number of patches will be retained (or less). Those will be selected randomly.

Slices an image into multiple smaller, square-shaped patches.

For overlapping patches, set the stride to a value smaller than the patch size. For non-overlapping patches, set the stride to a value identical to the patch size (or larger). If the stride is set to a value larger than the patch size, parts of the original image will be skipped.

Optionally, patches entirely corresponding to image background are discarded. To decide whether a patch corresponds to image background, the homogeneity of its gray-level co-occurrence matrix is considered.

In addition, the number of the remaining patches can be reduced by specifying a maximum number of patches to retain. Those will be selected randomly.