Repository package_cran_kernlab_0_1_4
Owner: devteam
Synopsis: Contains a tool dependency definition that downloads and installs version 0.1-4 of the kernlab R library.
This repository is intended to be defined as a complex repository dependency within a separate repository.

Package: kernlab
Version: 0.1-4
Type: tool_dependency_definition
Revision: 0:ea1da94c31c2
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 2507
Dependencies of this repository

Repository package_r_2_11_0 revision 5824d2b3bc8b owned by devteam (prior install required)

Name Version Type
R 2.11.0 package
kernlab 0.1-4 package

Tool Dependency Packages - Repositories that contain third-party tool dependency package installation definitions