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Repository seqtk
Name: seqtk
Owner: iuc
Synopsis: Toolkit for processing sequences in FASTA/Q formats
Sequence Analysis toolkit provies several small utilities for working with FastA and FastQ data.
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Type: unrestricted
Revision: 8:3da72230c066
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 1545

Contents of this repository

Name Description Version Minimum Galaxy Version
fastq QC (base/quality summary) 1.3.1 16.01
choose a random base from hets 1.3.1 16.01
common transformation of FASTA/Q 1.3.3 16.01
regional heterozygosity 1.3.1 16.01
trim FASTQ using the Phred algorithm 1.3.1 16.01
random subsample of fasta or fastq sequences 1.3.2 16.01
point mutate FASTA at specified positions 1.3.1 16.01
drop unpaired from interleaved Paired End FASTA/Q 1.3.1 16.01
merge two FASTA/Q files 1.3.1 16.01
extract subsequences from FASTA/Q files 1.3.1 16.01
cut sequence at long N 1.3.1 16.01
interleave two unpaired FASTA/Q files for a paired-end file 1.3.1 16.01
get the nucleotide composition of FASTA/Q 1.3.1 16.01
extract the position of each het 1.3.1 16.01

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