Repository suite_str_fm_1_0
Synopsis: all dependency for str_fm package and str_fm itself
all dependency for str_fm package and str_fm itself
Type: repository_suite_definition
Revision: 5:88f23e9f014b
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 231
Dependencies of this repository

Repository package_bx_python_0_7 revision 2d0c08728bca owned by devteam
Repository package_galaxy_ops_1_0_0 revision eef263ff9b95 owned by devteam
Repository package_bwa_0_5_9 revision ec2595e4d313 owned by devteam
Repository unique revision 7ce75adb93be owned by bgruening
Repository sam_bitwise_flag_filter revision 0b2424a404d9 owned by devteam
Repository str_fm revision a3113043abb0 owned by arkarachai-fungtammasan

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