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Repository data_manager_eggnog_mapper_abspath
Owner: galaxyp
Synopsis: download eggnog data for eggnog-mapper
eggnog-mapper is a tool for fast functional annotation of novel sequences
(genes or proteins) using precomputed eggNOG-based orthology assignments

This installs eggnog data to the absolute path specifed in the data_manager tool.
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 5:81a286e4c5a2
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 216

Contents of this repository

Name Description Version Minimum Galaxy Version
eggnog data to a specified directory 2.1.8+galaxy2.1.8 18.09

Name Version Data Tables
data_manager_eggnog 0.0.1 eggnog_mapper_db_versioned

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