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Repository disco
Name: disco
Owner: iuc
Synopsis: DISCO is a overlap-layout-consensus (OLC) metagenome assembler
DISCO, Distributed Co-assembly of Overlap graphs, is a multi-threaded and multi-process
distributed memory overlap-layout-consensus (OLC) metagenome assembler capable of
assembling various types of Illumina Reads
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DISCO memory usage ================== By default, this tool is configured to limit the memory consumption to 4G. You might need to lower this limit if the machine(s) executing the jobs have less memory available. If you have a lot of reads to assemble and a machine with enough memory, you can increase it. In both cases, you can set the DISCO_MAX_MEMORY environmental variable in the destination section of the job_conf.xml file:: 4

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to assemble metagenomics data using an overlap-layout-consensus (OLC) approach 1.2.0 16.01

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