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Repository jbrowse
Name: jbrowse
Owner: iuc
Synopsis: JBrowse Genome Browser integrated as a Galaxy Tool
JBrowse is a fast, extensible JS+HTML5 genome browser.

This repository contains a couple of tools aimed at building up a complete
JBrowse Genome Browser deployment from raw data files such as gff3, bed, bam,
vcf, blastxml, and more...

The tools produce a ready-to-deploy HTML file and associated processed
datasets, allowing visualization of the genome either from within Galaxy, or
outside of Galaxy.

The tool must be whitelisted for HTML content. If BAM files are displayed, it
must be served from an apache or nginx server implementing sendfile.
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Name Description Version Minimum Galaxy Version
upgrades the bare data directory to a full JBrowse instance 1.16.2+galaxy2 16.01
genome browser 1.16.2+galaxy2 16.01

Sequence Analysis - Tools for performing Protein and DNA/RNA analysis
Visualization - Tools for visualizing data