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Repository rgrnastar
Name: rgrnastar
Owner: iuc
Synopsis: RNA STAR is an ultra fast universal RNA and scRNA-seq aligner and mapper
An ultra fast universal RNA-seq aligner that can optionally perform gene-level quantification on the fly.
Note that while very fast, this tool requires a considerable amount of memory. As an example, hg19 requires about 30GB. See
Most of this wrapper was originally written by Jeremy Goecks, with kibbitzing and automated dependency installation by Ross Lazarus.
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System Requirements =================== - **Memory**: To run efficiently, RNA-STAR requires enough free memory to hold the SA-indexed reference genome in RAM. For Human Genome hg19 this index is about 27GB and running RNA-STAR requires approximately ~30GB of RAM. For custom genomes, the rule of thumb is to multiply the size of the reference FASTA file by 9 to estimate the required amount of RAM.

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Gapped-read mapper for RNA-seq data 2.5.2b-0 any

Next Gen Mappers - Tools for the analysis and handling of Next Gen sequencing data