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Repository flanking_features
Owner: devteam
Synopsis: Fetch closest non-overlapping feature for every interval
For every interval in the interval dataset, this tool fetches the
closest non-overlapping upstream and / or downstream features from the features
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 1:8307665c4b6c
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 3148
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Repository package_bx_python_0_7 revision 2d0c08728bca owned by devteam
Repository package_galaxy_ops_1_0_0 revision eef263ff9b95 owned by devteam

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bx-python 0.7.1 package
galaxy-ops 1.0.0 package

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for every interval 4.0.1 any

Genomic Interval Operations - Tools for operating on genomic intervals