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Repository mira_assembler
Owner: peterjc
Synopsis: Assemble with MIRA v3. Takes Sanger, Roche, and Illumina data
Wrapper for core functionality of assembly tool MIRA 3.4.

Sanger capillary, Roche 454, Ion Torrent and Solexa/Illumina data,
and reference backbone sequences are all accepted as inputs.

The key MIRA output files are captured, but the other files are
deleted when the job finishes.

WARNING: This was written to write viral genome assembly and mapping
pipelines within Galaxy, and while it should work for larger organisms
like bacteria, the computational load would be much higher. Proceed with
Type: unrestricted
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Takes Sanger, Roche, Illumina, and Ion Torrent data 0.0.11 any

Assembly - Tools for working with assemblies
Next Gen Mappers - Tools for the analysis and handling of Next Gen sequencing data