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Repository deeptools_bam_coverage
Owner: bgruening
Synopsis: Wrapper for the deepTools: bamCoverage
deepTools address the challenge of visualizing the large amounts of data that
are now routinely generated from sequencing centers in a meaningful way. To do so,
deepTools contain useful routines to process the mapped reads data through removal of
duplicates and different filtering options to create coverage files in standard
bedGraph and bigWig file formats. deepTools allow the creation of normalized
coverage files or the comparison between two files (for example, treatment and control).

Finally, using such normalized and standardized files, multiple visualizations can be
created to identify enrichments with functional annotations of the genome.
For a gallery of images that can be produced and a description of the tools see
doi: 10.1093/nar/gku365

Repository-Maintainer: Björn Grüning
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 19:3033c3fba046
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generates a coverage bigWig file from a given BAM or CRAM file 16.01

extension type mimetype subclass
deeptools_compute_matrix_archive galaxy.datatypes.binary:CompressedArchive True
deeptools_coverage_matrix galaxy.datatypes.binary:CompressedArchive True

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