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Repository primo_multiomics
Owner: pieterlukasse
Synopsis: Multi-omics module of Plant Research International's Mass Spectrometry (PRIMS) toolsuite
Multi-omics module of Plant Research International's Mass Spectrometry (PRIMO) toolsuite. 
This toolset consists of custom tools to facilitate post processing 
and integration of different omics datasets. 

Can be used in combination with PRIMS-proteomics (prims_proteomics package) and
with PRIMS-metabolomics (prims_metabolomics package).
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 14:7dfda218dca1
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visualize 'ontology mapped' quantitative results 0.0.2 any
use cross-reference lookup tables to annotate results 0.0.2 any

extension type mimetype subclass

Metabolomics - Tools for use in the study of Metabolomics
Proteomics - Tools enabling the study of proteins
Systems Biology - Systems biology tools
Transcriptomics - Tools for use in the study of Transcriptomics.
Visualization - Tools for visualizing data