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Repository khmer_abundance_distribution_single
Owner: iuc
Synopsis: Wrapper for khmer tool: khmer: Abundance Distribution (all-in-one)
khmer is a library and suite of command line tools for working with DNA
sequence. It is primarily aimed at short-read sequencing data such as that
produced by the Illumina platform. khmer takes a k-mer-centric approach to
sequence analysis, hence the name.

The official repository is at
and you can read the docs online here:

There are two mailing lists dedicated to khmer, an announcements-only list
and a discussion list. To search their archives and sign-up for them, please
visit the following URLs:

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Calculate abundance distribution of k-mers 3.0.0a3+galaxy2 20.01

Assembly - Tools for working with assemblies
Next Gen Mappers - Tools for the analysis and handling of Next Gen sequencing data