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Repository mqppep_anova
Name: mqppep_anova
Owner: galaxyp
Synopsis: Wrapper for the mqppep suite tool: MaxQuant Phosphopeptide ANOVA
Phosphoproteomic Enrichment Pipeline provides tools two tools for processing MaxQuant data for phosphoproteome-enriched samples.

"MaxQuant Phosphopeptide Preprocessing" (mqppep_preproc) transforms the 'Phospho (STY)Sites.txt' output file that MaxQuant produces for for phosphoproteome-enriched samples to prepare it for ANOVA.

"MaxQuant Phosphopeptide ANOVA" (mqppep_anova) performs ANOVA on the preprocessed data.
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 4:2d9f216c1048
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Runs ANOVA and KSEA for phosphopeptides. 0.1.18+galaxy0 21.05

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