Repository emboss_datatypes
Owner: devteam
Synopsis: Galaxy applicable data formats used by Emboss tools.
Galaxy applicable data formats used by Emboss tools.  This repository contains no tools.
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 0:a89163f31369
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 3845

Contents of this repository

extension type mimetype subclass
acedb True
asn1 True
btwisted True
cai True
charge True
checktrans True
chips True
clustal True
codata True
codcmp True
coderet True
compseq True
cpgplot True
cpgreport True
cusp True
cut True
dan True
dbmotif True
diffseq True
digest True
dreg True
einverted True
embl True
epestfind True
equicktandem True
est2genome True
etandem True
excel True
feattable True
fitch True
freak True
fuzznuc True
fuzzpro True
fuzztran True
garnier True
gcg True
geecee True
genbank True
helixturnhelix True
hennig86 True
hmoment True
ig True
isochore True
jackknifer True
jackknifernon True
markx0 True
markx1 True
markx10 True
markx2 True
markx3 True
match True
mega True
meganon True
motif True
msf True
nametable True
ncbi True
needle True
newcpgreport True
newcpgseek True
nexus True
nexusnon True
noreturn True
pair True
palindrome True
pepcoil True
pepinfo True
pepstats True
phylip True
phylipnon True
pir True
polydot True
preg True
prettyseq True
primersearch True
regions True
score True
selex True
seqtable True
showfeat True
showorf True
simple True
sixpack True
srs True
srspair True
staden True
strider True
supermatcher True
swiss True
syco True
table True
tagseq True
textsearch True
vectorstrip True
wobble True
wordcount True

Sequence Analysis - Tools for performing Protein and DNA/RNA analysis