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--- a/hicup_macros.xml	Thu Mar 09 09:30:33 2017 -0500
+++ b/hicup_macros.xml	Sat Aug 19 07:38:50 2017 -0400
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
         <param argument="--re2" type="text" value="" label="Restriction enzyme instead of sonication to shorten di-tags." help="To specify a restriction enzyme instead of sonication to shorten di-tags. This restriction site does NOT form a Hi-C ligation junction. 2 .g. AG^CT,AluI. Typically the sonication protocol is followed."/>
     <xml name="digester_input">
-        <param name="input_files_digest" type="data" multiple="true" format="fa" label="Input DNA sequence files that should be digested"/>
+        <param name="input_files_digest" type="data" multiple="true" format="fasta" label="Input DNA sequence files that should be digested"/>
         <param argument="--genome" type="text" label="Genome" help="Name of the genome to be digested (not the path to the genome 
         file or files, but the genome name to include in the output file)"/>
@@ -91,4 +91,4 @@
         <data name="uniques_barchart" format="svg" from_work_dir="deduplicator_uniques_barchart.svg" label="Hicup Deduplicator Uniques Barchart.svg" />
         <data name="hicup_deduplicator_summary" format="txt" from_work_dir="hicup_deduplicator_summary.txt" label="Hicup Deduplicator Summary" />
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