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<tool id="phage_coast_search" name="PhageCOAST - Search" version="0.2.0">
    <description>Run a new job, and identify the closest proteomes</description>
        <expand macro="requirements"/>
        coast search
        --engine blast
        --web ''
        && coast report
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        <expand macro="merlin_db_selection"/>
        <expand macro="blast_taxon_filter"/>
        <expand macro="output_format"/>
        <expand macro="aai_filter"/>
        <section name="aln_adv" title="Advanced Alignment Settings" >
            <expand macro="blast_aln_options"/>
            <expand macro="generic_aln_options"/>
        <expand macro="results_alignment"/>
        <expand macro="results_report"/>




PhageCOAST is COAST adapted for the Phage Toolkit. The current build uses BLASTp as the search backend tool.


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