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    <token name="@TOOL_VERSION@">1.1.0</token>
    <token name="@HELP@">More information can be found at</token>
    <token name="@PROFILE@">18.01</token>
    <xml name="requirements">
        <requirement type="package" version="0.1.1">cell-types-analysis</requirement>
    <xml name="version">
        conda list | grep cell-types-analysis | egrep -o [0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]
    <token name="@VERSION_HISTORY@"><![CDATA[
**Version history**
0.0.5+galaxy0: Initial contribution. Andrey Solovyev, Expression Atlas team at EMBL-EBI
0.0.5+galaxy1: Standardise input/output format into .txt. 
    <xml name="sem_siml_options">
      <param type="select" name="sem_siml_metric" label="Semantic similarity metric"  help="What semantic similarity metric should be used? NB: if include-sem-siml is set to True, make sure to use a metric that is in the [0;1] interval. See for more detail.">
            <option value="lin" selected="true">lin</option>
            <option value="jaccard">jaccard</option>
            <option value="jc_norm">jc_norm</option>
            <option value="schlicker">schlicker</option>
            <option value="edge_resnik">edge_resnik</option>
            <option value="sim">sim</option>
            <option value="edge_leachod">edge_leachod</option>
            <option value="edge_slimani">edge_slimani</option>
            <option value="edge_wupalmer">edge_wupalmer</option>
            <option value="edge_rada_lca">edge_rada_lca</option>
            <option value="edge_li">edge_li</option>
            <option value="resnik">resnik</option>
    <xml name="citations">
        <citation type="bibtex">
            author = {Andrey Solovyev, EBI Gene Expression Team},
            year = {2020},
            title = {Suite of scripts for analysis of scRNA-seq cell type classification tool outputs},
            publisher = {GitHub},
            journal = {GitHub repository},
            url = {},
        <citation type="doi">10.1101/2020.04.08.032698</citation>
        <yield />