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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<tool id="hmmer_jackhmmer" name="jackhmmer" version="@WRAPPER_VERSION@.0">
  <description>iteratively search a protein sequence against a protein database (PSIBLAST-like)</description>
  <expand macro="requirements"/>
  <expand macro="stdio"/>
-N $N


> $output
    <param name="seqfile" type="data" format="fasta" label="Protein sequence to search with"/>
    <!-- todo use Galaxy features like data libraries/data tables/??? -->
    <param name="N" type="integer" value="5" min="1" label="Maximum number of iterations" help="(-N)"/>
    <param name="seqdb" type="data" format="fasta" label="Sequence Database"/>
    <expand macro="oformat_with_opts_nopfam"/>
    <expand macro="hssi"/>
    <expand macro="thresholds_xml"/>
    <expand macro="accel_heur_xml"/>
    <expand macro="mcss"/>
    <expand macro="arsws"/>
    <expand macro="aeews"/>
    <expand macro="prior"/>
    <expand macro="eval_calib_xml"/>
    <expand macro="adv_opts"/>
    <expand macro="seed"/>
    <data format="txt" name="output" label="PHMMER search of $ in $"/>
    <data format="txt" name="tblout" label="Table of per-sequence hits from HMM matches of $ in $">
      <filter>oformat and 'tblout' in oformat</filter>
    <data format="txt" name="domtblout" label="Table of per-domain hits from HMM matches of $ in $">
      <filter>oformat and 'domtblout' in oformat</filter>
      <param name="seqfile" value="uniprot_matches.fasta"/>
      <param name="seqdb" value="globins45.fa"/>
      <expand macro="oformat_test" />
      <expand macro="seed_test" />
      <output name="output" file="jackhmmer.out" lines_diff="180"/>
      <output name="domtblout" file="jackhmmer.domtblout" lines_diff="10"/>
      <output name="tblout" file="jackhmmer.tblout" lines_diff="10"/>

jackhmmer iteratively searches each query sequence in <seqfile> against the
target sequence(s) in <seqdb>. The first iteration is identical to a phmmer
search. For the next iteration, a multiple alignment of the query together
with all target sequences satisfying inclusion thresholds is assembled, a
profile is constructed from this alignment (identical to using hmmbuild on the
alignment), and profile search of the <seqdb> is done (identical to an
hmmsearch with the profile).



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