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planemo upload for repository commit b395fa36fa826e26085820ba3a9faacaeddcb460
author iuc
date Mon, 01 Jul 2019 10:57:08 -0400
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cstacks parameters selected:
  Loci matched based on sequence identity.
  Number of mismatches allowed between stacks: 1
  Gapped alignments: enabled
Constructing catalog from 2 samples.

Initializing new catalog...
  Parsing stacks_inputs/PopA_01.tags.tsv
  Parsing stacks_inputs/PopA_01.snps.tsv
  Parsing stacks_inputs/PopA_01.alleles.tsv
  3 loci were newly added to the catalog.

Processing sample stacks_inputs/PopA_02 [2 of 2]
  Parsing stacks_inputs/PopA_02.tags.tsv
  Parsing stacks_inputs/PopA_02.snps.tsv
  Parsing stacks_inputs/PopA_02.alleles.tsv
Searching for sequence matches...
  3 loci in the catalog, 184 kmers in the catalog hash.
Searching for gapped alignments...
Merging matches into catalog...
  3 loci were matched to a catalog locus.
  0 loci were matched to a catalog locus using gapped alignments.
  0 loci were newly added to the catalog.
  0 loci matched more than one catalog locus, linking them.
    0 linked catalog loci were merged into 0 loci.

Writing catalog in directory 'stacks_inputs/'.
Final catalog contains 3 loci.
cstacks is done.