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+#This is a sample file distributed with Galaxy that enables the Ribopicker #to
+#wrapper to use the Ribosomal RNA databases available to it.
+#File format: (longer white space is the TAB character):
+#<unique_build_id>   <dbkey>   <display_name>
+#So, for example, for the 
+#then the mosaik_index.loc entry would look like this:
+#slr	slr	SILVA LSR (23S/28S) NR Trunc. Tax.
+rrnadb	rrnadb	Non-redundant Ribosomal RNA Database
+slr	slr	SILVA LSR (23S/28S) NR Trunc. Tax.
+slrf	slrf	SILVA LSR (23S/28S) Full Tax.
+ssr	ssr	SILVA SSR (16S/18S) NR Trunc. Tax. V2
+ssrf	ssrf	SILVA SSR (16S/18S) NR Tax. V2
+ssrv1	ssrv1	SILVA SSR (16S/18S) NR Trunc. Tax. V1
+#<unique_build_id>   <dbkey>   <display_name>