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<tool id="tab2rdf" name="Tab-to-RDF" version="0.1">
  <command interpreter="python"> $input_file $output_file $output_format $namespace
    #for $i in $triples
      ${i.s_col} ${i.p_val} ${i.o_col} ${i.o_type}
    #end for
    <param name="input_file" type="data" format="tabular" label="Input File (tabular)"/>
    <param name="namespace" type="text" size="50" value="http://localhost/" label="Namespace" />
    <param name="output_format" type="select" label="Output Format">
      <option value="ntriples">N-Triples</option>
      <option value="turtle">Turtle</option>
      <option value="rdfxml">RDF/XML</option>
    <repeat name="triples" title="Triples">
      <param name="s_col" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Subject (column)" />
      <param name="p_val" type="text" size="50" value="a" label="Predicate (text)" />
      <param name="o_col" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Object (column)" />
      <param name="o_type" label="Check if this object is Literal (Keep unchecked if this object is URI)" type="boolean" truevalue="1" falsevalue="0" checked="False"/>
    <data name="output_file" format="tabular" label="${} on ${on_string}"/>

**What it does**

Sample Input::

    name     age  superviser
    Micheal  42   John
    Anne     30   Micheal

Sample Parameters::

    Namespace - 'http://localhost/'
    Triple 1 - c1 'age' c2(literal)
    Triple 2 - c3 'supervises' c1(URI)

Sample Output::

    &lt;http://localhost/Michael&gt; &lt;http://localhost/age&gt; "42"
    &lt;http://localhost/Anne&gt; &lt;http://localhost/age&gt; "30"
    &lt;http://localhost/John&gt; &lt;http://localhost/supervises&gt; &lt;http://localhost/Micheal&gt;
    &lt;http://localhost/Micheal&gt; &lt;http://localhost/supervises&gt; &lt;http://localhost/Anne&gt;

**Output Format**

Output RDF format is N-Triples by default.

Raptor's Rapper has to be installed to generate the output in Turtle or RDF/XML.