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Metadata-Version: 2.1
Name: CacheControl
Version: 0.11.7
Summary: httplib2 caching for requests
Author: Eric Larson
License: UNKNOWN
Description: ==============
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        CacheControl is a port of the caching algorithms in httplib2_ for use with
        requests_ session object.
        It was written because httplib2's better support for caching is often
        mitigated by its lack of threadsafety. The same is true of requests in
        terms of caching.
        .. code-block:: python
          import requests
          from cachecontrol import CacheControl
          sess = requests.session()
          cached_sess = CacheControl(sess)
          response = cached_sess.get('')
        If the URL contains any caching based headers, it will cache the
        result in a simple dictionary.
        For more info, check out the docs_
        .. _docs:
        .. _httplib2:
        .. _requests:
Keywords: requests http caching web
Platform: UNKNOWN
Classifier: Development Status :: 4 - Beta
Classifier: Environment :: Web Environment
Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: Apache Software License
Classifier: Operating System :: OS Independent
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2.6
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2.7
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.2
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.3
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.4
Classifier: Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP
Provides-Extra: filecache