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Behold, mortal, the origins of Beautiful Soup...

Leonard Richardson is the primary maintainer.

Aaron DeVore and Isaac Muse have made significant contributions to the
code base.

Mark Pilgrim provided the encoding detection code that forms the base
of UnicodeDammit.

Thomas Kluyver and Ezio Melotti finished the work of getting Beautiful
Soup 4 working under Python 3.

Simon Willison wrote soupselect, which was used to make Beautiful Soup
support CSS selectors. Isaac Muse wrote SoupSieve, which made it
possible to _remove_ the CSS selector code from Beautiful Soup.

Sam Ruby helped with a lot of edge cases.

Jonathan Ellis was awarded the prestigious Beau Potage D'Or for his
work in solving the nestable tags conundrum.

An incomplete list of people have contributed patches to Beautiful

 Istvan Albert, Andrew Lin, Anthony Baxter, Oliver Beattie, Andrew
Boyko, Tony Chang, Francisco Canas, "Delong", Zephyr Fang, Fuzzy,
Roman Gaufman, Yoni Gilad, Richie Hindle, Toshihiro Kamiya, Peteris
Krumins, Kent Johnson, Marek Kapolka, Andreas Kostyrka, Roel Kramer,
Ben Last, Robert Leftwich, Stefaan Lippens, "liquider", Staffan
Malmgren, Ksenia Marasanova, JP Moins, Adam Monsen, John Nagle, "Jon",
Ed Oskiewicz, Martijn Peters, Greg Phillips, Giles Radford, Stefano
Revera, Arthur Rudolph, Marko Samastur, James Salter, Jouni Seppänen,
Alexander Schmolck, Tim Shirley, Geoffrey Sneddon, Ville Skyttä,
"Vikas", Jens Svalgaard, Andy Theyers, Eric Weiser, Glyn Webster, John
Wiseman, Paul Wright, Danny Yoo

An incomplete list of people who made suggestions or found bugs or
found ways to break Beautiful Soup:

 Hanno Böck, Matteo Bertini, Chris Curvey, Simon Cusack, Bruce Eckel,
 Matt Ernst, Michael Foord, Tom Harris, Bill de hOra, Donald Howes,
 Matt Patterson, Scott Roberts, Steve Strassmann, Mike Williams,
 warchild at redho dot com, Sami Kuisma, Carlos Rocha, Bob Hutchison,
 Joren Mc, Michal Migurski, John Kleven, Tim Heaney, Tripp Lilley, Ed
 Summers, Dennis Sutch, Chris Smith, Aaron Swartz, Stuart
 Turner, Greg Edwards, Kevin J Kalupson, Nikos Kouremenos, Artur de
 Sousa Rocha, Yichun Wei, Per Vognsen