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"""Module containing bug report helper(s)."""
from __future__ import print_function

import json
import platform
import sys
import ssl

import idna
import urllib3
import chardet

from . import __version__ as requests_version

    from urllib3.contrib import pyopenssl
except ImportError:
    pyopenssl = None
    OpenSSL = None
    cryptography = None
    import OpenSSL
    import cryptography

def _implementation():
    """Return a dict with the Python implementation and version.

    Provide both the name and the version of the Python implementation
    currently running. For example, on CPython 2.7.5 it will return
    {'name': 'CPython', 'version': '2.7.5'}.

    This function works best on CPython and PyPy: in particular, it probably
    doesn't work for Jython or IronPython. Future investigation should be done
    to work out the correct shape of the code for those platforms.
    implementation = platform.python_implementation()

    if implementation == 'CPython':
        implementation_version = platform.python_version()
    elif implementation == 'PyPy':
        implementation_version = '%s.%s.%s' % (sys.pypy_version_info.major,
        if sys.pypy_version_info.releaselevel != 'final':
            implementation_version = ''.join([
                implementation_version, sys.pypy_version_info.releaselevel
    elif implementation == 'Jython':
        implementation_version = platform.python_version()  # Complete Guess
    elif implementation == 'IronPython':
        implementation_version = platform.python_version()  # Complete Guess
        implementation_version = 'Unknown'

    return {'name': implementation, 'version': implementation_version}

def info():
    """Generate information for a bug report."""
        platform_info = {
            'system': platform.system(),
            'release': platform.release(),
    except IOError:
        platform_info = {
            'system': 'Unknown',
            'release': 'Unknown',

    implementation_info = _implementation()
    urllib3_info = {'version': urllib3.__version__}
    chardet_info = {'version': chardet.__version__}

    pyopenssl_info = {
        'version': None,
        'openssl_version': '',
    if OpenSSL:
        pyopenssl_info = {
            'version': OpenSSL.__version__,
            'openssl_version': '%x' % OpenSSL.SSL.OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER,
    cryptography_info = {
        'version': getattr(cryptography, '__version__', ''),
    idna_info = {
        'version': getattr(idna, '__version__', ''),

    system_ssl = ssl.OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER
    system_ssl_info = {
        'version': '%x' % system_ssl if system_ssl is not None else ''

    return {
        'platform': platform_info,
        'implementation': implementation_info,
        'system_ssl': system_ssl_info,
        'using_pyopenssl': pyopenssl is not None,
        'pyOpenSSL': pyopenssl_info,
        'urllib3': urllib3_info,
        'chardet': chardet_info,
        'cryptography': cryptography_info,
        'idna': idna_info,
        'requests': {
            'version': requests_version,

def main():
    """Pretty-print the bug information as JSON."""
    print(json.dumps(info(), sort_keys=True, indent=2))

if __name__ == '__main__':