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"""Routes WSGI Middleware"""
import re
import logging

from webob import Request

from routes.base import request_config
from routes.util import URLGenerator

log = logging.getLogger('routes.middleware')

class RoutesMiddleware(object):
    """Routing middleware that handles resolving the PATH_INFO in
    addition to optionally recognizing method overriding.

    .. Note::
        This module requires webob to be installed. To depend on it, you may
        list routes[middleware] in your ``requirements.txt``
    def __init__(self, wsgi_app, mapper, use_method_override=True,
                 path_info=True, singleton=True):
        """Create a Route middleware object

        Using the use_method_override keyword will require Paste to be
        installed, and your application should use Paste's WSGIRequest
        object as it will properly handle POST issues with wsgi.input
        should Routes check it.

        If path_info is True, then should a route var contain
        path_info, the SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO will be altered
        accordingly. This should be used with routes like:

        .. code-block:: python

            map.connect('blog/*path_info', controller='blog', path_info='')

        """ = wsgi_app
        self.mapper = mapper
        self.singleton = singleton
        self.use_method_override = use_method_override
        self.path_info = path_info
        self.log_debug = logging.DEBUG >= log.getEffectiveLevel()
        if self.log_debug:
            log.debug("Initialized with method overriding = %s, and path "
                      "info altering = %s", use_method_override, path_info)

    def __call__(self, environ, start_response):
        """Resolves the URL in PATH_INFO, and uses wsgi.routing_args
        to pass on URL resolver results."""
        old_method = None
        if self.use_method_override:
            req = None

            # In some odd cases, there's no query string
                qs = environ['QUERY_STRING']
            except KeyError:
                qs = ''
            if '_method' in qs:
                req = Request(environ)
                req.errors = 'ignore'

                    method = req.GET.get('_method')
                except UnicodeDecodeError:
                    method = None

                if method:
                    old_method = environ['REQUEST_METHOD']
                    environ['REQUEST_METHOD'] = method.upper()
                    if self.log_debug:
                        log.debug("_method found in QUERY_STRING, altering "
                                  "request method to %s",
            elif environ['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST' and is_form_post(environ):
                if req is None:
                    req = Request(environ)
                    req.errors = 'ignore'

                    method = req.POST.get('_method')
                except UnicodeDecodeError:
                    method = None

                if method:
                    old_method = environ['REQUEST_METHOD']
                    environ['REQUEST_METHOD'] = method.upper()
                    if self.log_debug:
                        log.debug("_method found in POST data, altering "
                                  "request method to %s",

        # Run the actual route matching
        # -- Assignment of environ to config triggers route matching
        if self.singleton:
            config = request_config()
            config.mapper = self.mapper
            config.environ = environ
            match = config.mapper_dict
            route = config.route
            results = self.mapper.routematch(environ=environ)
            if results:
                match, route = results[0], results[1]
                match = route = None

        if old_method:
            environ['REQUEST_METHOD'] = old_method

        if not match:
            match = {}
            if self.log_debug:
                urlinfo = "%s %s" % (environ['REQUEST_METHOD'],
                log.debug("No route matched for %s", urlinfo)
        elif self.log_debug:
            urlinfo = "%s %s" % (environ['REQUEST_METHOD'],
            log.debug("Matched %s", urlinfo)
            log.debug("Route path: '%s', defaults: %s", route.routepath,
            log.debug("Match dict: %s", match)

        url = URLGenerator(self.mapper, environ)
        environ['wsgiorg.routing_args'] = ((url), match)
        environ['routes.route'] = route
        environ['routes.url'] = url

        if route and route.redirect:
            route_name = '_redirect_%s' % id(route)
            location = url(route_name, **match)
            log.debug("Using redirect route, redirect to '%s' with status"
                      "code: %s", location, route.redirect_status)
                           [('Content-Type', 'text/plain; charset=utf8'),
                            ('Location', location)])
            return []

        # If the route included a path_info attribute and it should be used to
        # alter the environ, we'll pull it out
        if self.path_info and 'path_info' in match:
            oldpath = environ['PATH_INFO']
            newpath = match.get('path_info') or ''
            environ['PATH_INFO'] = newpath
            if not environ['PATH_INFO'].startswith('/'):
                environ['PATH_INFO'] = '/' + environ['PATH_INFO']
            environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] += re.sub(
                r'^(.*?)/' + re.escape(newpath) + '$', r'\1', oldpath)

        response =, start_response)

        # Wrapped in try as in rare cases the attribute will be gone already
            del self.mapper.environ
        except AttributeError:
        return response

def is_form_post(environ):
    """Determine whether the request is a POSTed html form"""
    content_type = environ.get('CONTENT_TYPE', '').lower()
    if ';' in content_type:
        content_type = content_type.split(';', 1)[0]
    return content_type in ('application/x-www-form-urlencoded',