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from __future__ import absolute_import

from .packages.six.moves.http_client import IncompleteRead as httplib_IncompleteRead

# Base Exceptions

class HTTPError(Exception):
    """Base exception used by this module."""


class HTTPWarning(Warning):
    """Base warning used by this module."""


class PoolError(HTTPError):
    """Base exception for errors caused within a pool."""

    def __init__(self, pool, message):
        self.pool = pool
        HTTPError.__init__(self, "%s: %s" % (pool, message))

    def __reduce__(self):
        # For pickling purposes.
        return self.__class__, (None, None)

class RequestError(PoolError):
    """Base exception for PoolErrors that have associated URLs."""

    def __init__(self, pool, url, message):
        self.url = url
        PoolError.__init__(self, pool, message)

    def __reduce__(self):
        # For pickling purposes.
        return self.__class__, (None, self.url, None)

class SSLError(HTTPError):
    """Raised when SSL certificate fails in an HTTPS connection."""


class ProxyError(HTTPError):
    """Raised when the connection to a proxy fails."""

    def __init__(self, message, error, *args):
        super(ProxyError, self).__init__(message, error, *args)
        self.original_error = error

class DecodeError(HTTPError):
    """Raised when automatic decoding based on Content-Type fails."""


class ProtocolError(HTTPError):
    """Raised when something unexpected happens mid-request/response."""


#: Renamed to ProtocolError but aliased for backwards compatibility.
ConnectionError = ProtocolError

# Leaf Exceptions

class MaxRetryError(RequestError):
    """Raised when the maximum number of retries is exceeded.

    :param pool: The connection pool
    :type pool: :class:`~urllib3.connectionpool.HTTPConnectionPool`
    :param string url: The requested Url
    :param exceptions.Exception reason: The underlying error


    def __init__(self, pool, url, reason=None):
        self.reason = reason

        message = "Max retries exceeded with url: %s (Caused by %r)" % (url, reason)

        RequestError.__init__(self, pool, url, message)

class HostChangedError(RequestError):
    """Raised when an existing pool gets a request for a foreign host."""

    def __init__(self, pool, url, retries=3):
        message = "Tried to open a foreign host with url: %s" % url
        RequestError.__init__(self, pool, url, message)
        self.retries = retries

class TimeoutStateError(HTTPError):
    """Raised when passing an invalid state to a timeout"""


class TimeoutError(HTTPError):
    """Raised when a socket timeout error occurs.

    Catching this error will catch both :exc:`ReadTimeoutErrors
    <ReadTimeoutError>` and :exc:`ConnectTimeoutErrors <ConnectTimeoutError>`.


class ReadTimeoutError(TimeoutError, RequestError):
    """Raised when a socket timeout occurs while receiving data from a server"""


# This timeout error does not have a URL attached and needs to inherit from the
# base HTTPError
class ConnectTimeoutError(TimeoutError):
    """Raised when a socket timeout occurs while connecting to a server"""


class NewConnectionError(ConnectTimeoutError, PoolError):
    """Raised when we fail to establish a new connection. Usually ECONNREFUSED."""


class EmptyPoolError(PoolError):
    """Raised when a pool runs out of connections and no more are allowed."""


class ClosedPoolError(PoolError):
    """Raised when a request enters a pool after the pool has been closed."""


class LocationValueError(ValueError, HTTPError):
    """Raised when there is something wrong with a given URL input."""


class LocationParseError(LocationValueError):
    """Raised when get_host or similar fails to parse the URL input."""

    def __init__(self, location):
        message = "Failed to parse: %s" % location
        HTTPError.__init__(self, message)

        self.location = location

class URLSchemeUnknown(LocationValueError):
    """Raised when a URL input has an unsupported scheme."""

    def __init__(self, scheme):
        message = "Not supported URL scheme %s" % scheme
        super(URLSchemeUnknown, self).__init__(message)

        self.scheme = scheme

class ResponseError(HTTPError):
    """Used as a container for an error reason supplied in a MaxRetryError."""

    GENERIC_ERROR = "too many error responses"
    SPECIFIC_ERROR = "too many {status_code} error responses"

class SecurityWarning(HTTPWarning):
    """Warned when performing security reducing actions"""


class SubjectAltNameWarning(SecurityWarning):
    """Warned when connecting to a host with a certificate missing a SAN."""


class InsecureRequestWarning(SecurityWarning):
    """Warned when making an unverified HTTPS request."""


class SystemTimeWarning(SecurityWarning):
    """Warned when system time is suspected to be wrong"""


class InsecurePlatformWarning(SecurityWarning):
    """Warned when certain TLS/SSL configuration is not available on a platform."""


class SNIMissingWarning(HTTPWarning):
    """Warned when making a HTTPS request without SNI available."""


class DependencyWarning(HTTPWarning):
    Warned when an attempt is made to import a module with missing optional


class ResponseNotChunked(ProtocolError, ValueError):
    """Response needs to be chunked in order to read it as chunks."""


class BodyNotHttplibCompatible(HTTPError):
    Body should be :class:`http.client.HTTPResponse` like
    (have an fp attribute which returns raw chunks) for read_chunked().


class IncompleteRead(HTTPError, httplib_IncompleteRead):
    Response length doesn't match expected Content-Length

    Subclass of :class:`http.client.IncompleteRead` to allow int value
    for ``partial`` to avoid creating large objects on streamed reads.

    def __init__(self, partial, expected):
        super(IncompleteRead, self).__init__(partial, expected)

    def __repr__(self):
        return "IncompleteRead(%i bytes read, %i more expected)" % (

class InvalidChunkLength(HTTPError, httplib_IncompleteRead):
    """Invalid chunk length in a chunked response."""

    def __init__(self, response, length):
        super(InvalidChunkLength, self).__init__(
            response.tell(), response.length_remaining
        self.response = response
        self.length = length

    def __repr__(self):
        return "InvalidChunkLength(got length %r, %i bytes read)" % (

class InvalidHeader(HTTPError):
    """The header provided was somehow invalid."""


class ProxySchemeUnknown(AssertionError, URLSchemeUnknown):
    """ProxyManager does not support the supplied scheme"""

    # TODO(t-8ch): Stop inheriting from AssertionError in v2.0.

    def __init__(self, scheme):
        # 'localhost' is here because our URL parser parses
        # localhost:8080 -> scheme=localhost, remove if we fix this.
        if scheme == "localhost":
            scheme = None
        if scheme is None:
            message = "Proxy URL had no scheme, should start with http:// or https://"
            message = (
                "Proxy URL had unsupported scheme %s, should use http:// or https://"
                % scheme
        super(ProxySchemeUnknown, self).__init__(message)

class ProxySchemeUnsupported(ValueError):
    """Fetching HTTPS resources through HTTPS proxies is unsupported"""


class HeaderParsingError(HTTPError):
    """Raised by assert_header_parsing, but we convert it to a log.warning statement."""

    def __init__(self, defects, unparsed_data):
        message = "%s, unparsed data: %r" % (defects or "Unknown", unparsed_data)
        super(HeaderParsingError, self).__init__(message)

class UnrewindableBodyError(HTTPError):
    """urllib3 encountered an error when trying to rewind a body"""