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date Sat, 31 Mar 2012 21:44:37 -0400
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<tool id="revcompl" name="reverse complement">
  <description>of DNA/RNA sequences</description>
  <command interpreter="python"> $input $output $fasta $rna </command>
    <param name="input" format="txt" type="data" label="Original sequence file"/>
    <param name="fasta" label="Check if input is fasta format" type="boolean" truevalue="fasta" falsevalue="txt" checked="False"/>
    <param name="rna" label="Check if need to output as RNA sequences" type="boolean" truevalue="rna" falsevalue="dna" checked="False"/>
    <data format="input" name="output" />

**What it does**

This tool outputs reverse complementary of DNA/RNA sequences in the input file. The input can be fasta format or raw sequences (each line is a sequence).

Degenerate nucleotides are supported. Here is the match table:

A to T/U

C to G

G to C

T/U to A

M to K

W to W

S to S

R to Y

Y to R

N to N