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NLStradamus (version 0.0.10)

What it does

This calls the NLStradamus tool for prediction of nuclear localization signals (NLSs), which uses a Hidden Markov Model (HMM).

The input is a FASTA file of protein sequences, and the output is tabular with six columns (one row per NLS):

Column Description
c1 Sequence identifier
c2 Algorithm (posterior or Viterbi)
c3 Score (probability between threshold and 1 for posterior algorithm)
c4 Start
c5 End
c6 Sequence of NLS


If you use this Galaxy tool in work leading to a scientific publication please cite the following papers:

Peter J.A. Cock, Björn A. Grüning, Konrad Paszkiewicz and Leighton Pritchard (2013). Galaxy tools and workflows for sequence analysis with applications in molecular plant pathology. PeerJ 1:e167

A. N. Nguyen Ba, A. Pogoutse, N. Provart, A. M. Moses (2009). NLStradamus: a simple Hidden Markov Model for nuclear localization signal prediction. BMC Bioinformatics 10(1):202.

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This wrapper is available to install into other Galaxy Instances via the Galaxy Tool Shed at