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Repository deseq_and_sam2counts
Owner: nikhil-joshi
Synopsis: Performs RNA-Seq differential expression analysis on aligned reads to a transcriptome using sam2counts and DESeq 1.8.3
This is a Galaxy package that wraps sam2counts and DESeq for RNA-Seq analysis using a transcriptome reference.  sam2counts takes SAM or BAM files that are created from an alignment to a transcriptome and creates counts of aligned reads for each transcript.  DESeq uses the DESeq package (version 1.8.3) from Bioconductor in R and analyzes the count data from sam2counts. DESeq outputs a toptable of transcripts sorted by adjusted p-value and a page of diagnostic plots.
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Contents of this repository

Name Description Version Minimum Galaxy Version
Produce count data from SAM or BAM files 1.0.0 any
Run Differential Expression analysis from SAM To Count data 1.0.0 any

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