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Repository openms_msfraggeradapter
Owner: galaxyp
Synopsis: Wrapper for the OpenMS suite tool: MSFraggerAdapter
OpenMS is an open-source software C++ library for LC/MS data management and analyses. It offers an infrastructure for the rapid development of mass spectrometry related software.
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Peptide Identification with MSFragger.Important note:The Regents of the University of Michigan (“Michigan”) grants us permission to redistribute the MS Fragger application developed by Michigan within the OpenMS Pipeline and make available for use on related service offerings supported by the University of Tubingen and the Center forIntegrative Bioinformatics. Per the license agreement the use of the pipeline and associated materials is for academic research, non-commercial or educational purposes. Any commercial use inquiries must be directed to the University of Michigan Technology Transfer Office at All right title and interest in MS Fragger shall remain with the University of Michigan.For details, please see the supplied license file or 2.8+galaxy0 21.05

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