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Repository rdata_xcms_datatypes
Owner: lecorguille
Synopsis: [Metabolomics][W4M][LC-MS] XCMS R Package - Preprocessing - RData datatype
Part of the W4M project: Datatypes to ease the usability of W4M xcms tools
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 1:544f6d2329ac
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 1018

Contents of this repository

extension type mimetype subclass
rdata.msnbase.raw galaxy.datatypes.rdata_xcms_datatype:RdataMsnbaseRaw application/x-gzip true
rdata.xcms.findchrompeaks galaxy.datatypes.rdata_xcms_datatype:RdataXcmsFindChromPeaks application/x-gzip true galaxy.datatypes.rdata_xcms_datatype:RdataXcmsGroup application/x-gzip true
rdata.xcms.retcor galaxy.datatypes.rdata_xcms_datatype:RdataXcmsRetcor application/x-gzip true
rdata.xcms.fillpeaks galaxy.datatypes.rdata_xcms_datatype:RdataXcmsFillpeaks application/x-gzip true

Metabolomics - Tools for use in the study of Metabolomics