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Repository metagenomics_datatypes
Owner: qfab
Synopsis: Galaxy datatypes required by the Metagenomics Workflow - GVL
This wrapper for the metagenomics datatypes is based on the Mothur
toolsuite wrapper of James E Johnson - University of Minnesota.
This wrapper will automatically register the datatypes required by
the Metagenomics Workflow.
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 2:edf752012785
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 526

Contents of this repository

extension type mimetype subclass
rabund galaxy.datatypes.metagenomics:Rabund
otu galaxy.datatypes.metagenomics:Otu
list galaxy.datatypes.metagenomics:OtuList
sabund galaxy.datatypes.metagenomics:Sabund
grpabund galaxy.datatypes.metagenomics:GroupRabund
shared galaxy.datatypes.metagenomics:SharedRabund
relabund galaxy.datatypes.metagenomics:RelAbund
accnos galaxy.datatypes.metagenomics:AccNos

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