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Repository hifiasm
Name: hifiasm
Owner: bgruening
Synopsis: A fast haplotype-resolved de novo assembler
Hifiasm is a fast haplotype-resolved de novo assembler
for PacBio Hifi reads. It can assemble a human genome
in several hours and works with the California redwood
genome, one of the most complex genomes sequenced so
far. Hifiasm can produce primary/alternate assemblies
of quality competitive with the best assemblers. It
also introduces a new graph binning algorithm and
achieves the best haplotype-resolved assembly given
trio data.
Type: unrestricted
Revision: 6:5bec28269d95
This revision can be installed: True
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haplotype-resolved de novo assembler for PacBio Hifi reads 0.16.1+galaxy2 16.01

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