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""" brew_exts defines generic extensions to Homebrew this file
builds on those abstraction and provides Galaxy specific functionality
not useful to the brew external commands.
from ..deps import brew_exts

DEFAULT_TAP = "homebrew/science"

class HomebrewRecipe:

    def __init__(self, recipe, version, tap):
        self.recipe = recipe
        self.version = version
        self.tap = tap

def requirements_to_recipes(requirements):
    return filter(None, map(requirement_to_recipe, requirements))

def requirement_to_recipe(requirement):
    if requirement.type != "package":
        return None
    # TOOD: Allow requirements to annotate optionalbrew specific
    # adaptions.
    recipe_name =
    recipe_version = requirement.version
    return HomebrewRecipe(recipe_name, recipe_version, tap=DEFAULT_TAP)

def requirements_to_recipe_contexts(requirements, brew_context):
    def to_recipe_context(homebrew_recipe):
        return brew_exts.RecipeContext(
    return map(to_recipe_context, requirements_to_recipes(requirements))