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Repository circos
Name: circos
Owner: iuc
Synopsis: Build Circos Plots in Galaxy
Allows for creation of circos plots from a Galaxy tool, offering the
ability to create novel circos plots depending on the needs of the
researcher and their workflow.
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Type: unrestricted
Revision: 13:c4bde687c846
This revision can be installed: True
Times cloned / installed: 1697

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Galaxy Circos Tool

An image showing a circos plot made with the tool.


  • [x] Ideograms
    • [x] Can configure most aspects of these. More features on demand
  • [x] 2d Data sources
    • [x] Histograms
      • [x] Stacked histograms
      • [x] gff3 scores
      • [x] wig files
      • [x] bed
      • [x] Rules
        • [x] Complex colouring rules
    • [x] Heatmaps
    • [x] Tiles
    • [x] Scatter Plots
    • [x] Line Plots
  • [x] Links
  • [x] Axes
  • [x] Backgrounds
  • [x] Highlights
  • [x] Test cases
  • [x] Fine grained Z-depth control

Contents of this repository

Name Description Version Minimum Galaxy Version
reformats interval files to prepare for Circos text labels 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
reduce numbers of links in datasets before plotting 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
reduce links to a density plot 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
easily creates circos plots from tabular data 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
reformats alignment files to prepare for Circos 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
reduce numbers of points in a dataset before plotting 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
reformats bigWig files to prepare for Circos 2d scatter/line/histogram plots 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
reformats for use in Circos stacked histogram plots 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
visualizes data in a circular layout 0.69.8+galaxy12 21.09
calculates skew over genomic sequences 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01
reformats interval files to prepare for Circos tile plots 0.69.8+galaxy12 16.01

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