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Owner: pieterlukasse
Synopsis: Metabolomics module of Plant Research International's Mass Spectrometry (PRIMS) toolsuite
This toolset consists of custom tools to enable metabolite identifications and 
Retention Index (RI) based Quality Control (RIQC) for Mass Spectrometry metabolomics data.
Type: unrestricted
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R_bioc_metams 3.1.1 package

Contents of this repository

Name Description Version Minimum Galaxy Version
Convert NIST text to tabular format 1.0.2 16.01
Convert Retention Time to Retention Index 1.0.2 16.01
Filter on the Rank field in the RankFilter output file 1.0.2 16.01
Generate coefficients to enable the regression from one GC-column to another GC-column 1.0.2 16.01
Perform a combination of output data from the RankFilter and CasLookup tools 1.0.2 16.01
Lookup or estimate the RI using a "known RI values" CAS numbers library 1.0.2 16.01
Query multiple public repositories for elemental compositions from accurate mass values detected by high-resolution mass spectrometers 0.1.0 16.01
Runs xcms diffreport function for differential Analsysis 0.0.4 16.01
Extracts alignment EICs from feature alignment data 0.0.4 16.01
Extracts EICs for a given list of masses 0.0.4 16.01
Runs metaMS process for LC/MS feature annotation 0.0.4 16.01
Runs metaMS process for LC/MS feature picking, aligning and grouping 0.0.4 16.01
Create tabular file for loading into METabolomics EXPlorer database 0.2.0 16.01
Query a set of identifications against the METabolomics EXPeriments database 0.1.0 16.01

extension type mimetype subclass
msclust.csv galaxy.datatypes.tabular:Tabular text/csv true

Metabolomics - Tools for use in the study of Metabolomics