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Repository hmmer3
Name: hmmer3
Owner: iuc
Synopsis: HMM based sequence alignment and database search tool
HMMER is used for searching sequence databases for homologs of protein
sequences, and for making protein sequence alignments. It implements
methods using probabilistic models called profile hidden Markov models
(profile HMMs).
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Type: unrestricted
Revision: 2:54b6b4d0613a
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Times cloned / installed: 551
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Repository package_hmmer_3_1b1 revision ee143f73fee0 owned by iuc

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hmmer 3.1b1 package

Contents of this repository

Name Description Version Minimum Galaxy Version
convert profile file to a HMMER format 0.1.0 any
search profile(s) against a sequence database 0.1.0 any
retrieve profile HMM(s) from a file 0.1.0 any
align sequences to a profile HMM 0.1.0 any
append modelmask line to a multiple sequence alignments 0.1.0 any
iteratively search a protein sequence against a protein database (PSIBLAST-like) 0.1.0 any
Build a profile HMM from an input multiple alignment 0.1.0 any
search a protein sequence against a protein database (BLASTP-like) 0.1.0 any
search a DNA model or alignment against a DNA database (BLASTN-like) 0.1.0 any
sample sequence(s) from a profile HMM 0.1.0 any
search DNA sequence(s) against a DNA profile database 0.1.0 any
search sequence(s) against a profile database 0.1.0 any

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